Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome to Partners of Pagans

I am happy to announce the founding of a new international organization called “Partners of Pagans”. I founded this group to find support and camaraderie among people who understand my particular fate; married to a pagan.

You might ask what kind of support we need. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is “Pagan Holidays; As the Wheel Turns”. I first realized I needed a Partners of Pagans meeting when I needed support around what to do on Samhain, a.k.a. Halloween. She’s up in Marin County at a witches-only event, and I am too scared to be alone in the house at midnight because of all the friendly ghosts.

All of my non-believing friends think I am totally out of my mind, but many people who have been to this house and have experienced the funny stuff will understand. Heck, the cable guy won’t even come here alone. He got a good dose one day when the TV starting going off and on by itself.

Next topic: Where to go during the initiation at your house? It’s a lazy weekend day, perfect for hanging around the house and relaxing. Guess again. An initiation today. Let’s see, how can I amuse myself out of the house from 11 AM to 5 PM. Please see the pamphlet on day trips for Partners of Pagans.

Next: Don’t tell me you ate THAT! One of our first UK members reports that he came home one day and there was a piece of cheesecake on the mantle. Sweet, he said to himself and partook. His wife came home and shrieked, “That was an offering to the goddess!” Oh, well. Another member’s response to that was, “When you offer something to the gods, you never know which god will receive.”

I think you catch my drift. When I was in England in April, each and every husband of all of those fabulous witches over there signed up. So stay tuned, and send in your topics for future meetings. Oh yes, and there will be a Partners of Pagans caucus at the up-coming Fools Journey three-day spiritual restorative that I am helping some witches organize. Maybe we’ll even do a skit in the talent show.

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